Ny liten kombiskurmaskin! FIMOP


    FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Safety

    Unrivalled hygiene: it uses only clean water
    Mop water gets dirty after the first rinse. FIMOP collects dirty water in a separate tank so that only fresh water is used to clean the floor from start to finish, ensuring complete sanitization.

    Save time: you will never have to wait for the floor to dry
    After cleaning with manual systems the floor is wet and you have to close the area to wait until it is dry.
    FIMOP scrubs and dries in one go, so the floor is immediately clean, safe and ready to be stepped again.

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Comfort

    Constant performances with no effort: no more back pain
    With the mechanical action the bristles scrub the floor removing dirt and stains. With only one pass the surface is perfectly clean and you will be free from back pain and fatigue.

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Performance

    Lithium ion batteries: it is always ready when you need it
    The lithium-ion technology allows you to have your scrubbing machine available always:
    you can recharge FIMOP at any time, making it available whenever you need it.


  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Performance

    Lithium ion technology: you can recharge it as a mobile phone!
    The battery charger is as handy and compact as the one you use for your mobile. You can take it with you to recharge FIMOP everywhere.

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Productivity

    Clean with freedom: FIMOP scrubs and dries in any direction
    FIMOP is extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable thanks to the universal joint that allows a full 360-degree turn, to easily clean in any direction

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Comfort

    Comfortable to take anywhere
    To change place is easier thanks to the big rear wheels and light weight: once folded you can carry it as a trolley case, or you can take it from its comfortable handle when you need to change floor.

  • FIMAP - affordable cleaning
    FIMAP - affordable cleaning Designed to keep the investment value high over time

    Chemical Card, Fimap single dose cleaner

    To help you to get the best cleaning results with your scrubbing machine, Fimap thought for you Chemical Card: a single dose with an ergonomic and innovative design guaranteeing you a safe and handy use.

    Thanks to the Chemical Cards you will have a perfectly balanced cleaning solution to sanitize your floors without risk to pour too much detergent. Fimap recommends to use the Chemical Cards that contain low-foaming detergents that do not leave residues, do not clog the pipes and help to keep your scrubbing machine always at its best conditions, guaranteeing efficiency and performances over time.

    Choose the most suitable Chemical Card according to your needs:
    Orange Citrus Cleaner: for hardwood and parquet floors
    Blue Blossom Cleaner: for all kind of hard floors
    Green Pine Sanitizer: to sanitize healthcare environments

    Working width mm 340
    Squeegee width mm 395
    Solution tank l 1,2
    Recovery tank l 1
    Cylindrical Brush Ø (n.) mm 1/110
    Battery Li-ion

    Battery power V/Ah 25,6/5,7
    Noise level dB (A) <70
    Brush motor W 24/50
    Suction motor W 24/100
    Machine weight (with battery) Kg 10
    Working capacity up to sq.m/h 300
    Machine dimensions (L x h x w) mm 395 x 1295 x 445